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Whatever your needs, I can accompany you through the whole process, from shooting to post-processing, until the delivery of all your photo and video projects.


You are an architect or a general contractor and you want to highlight a building or a project ?

I can create full photo reports matching the visual identity of your creation, from shooting (staging, framing) to post processing .

References : Architecture


You own or manage real property and you need to highlight it ?

I will put my skills at your service in order to create effective visuals adapted to your communication supports and to bring light on your interior spaces.

References : Interior


You own a restaurant or a catering company and you want to promote your culinary world ?

I will be pleased to discover your work and to highlight it with a full photo and/or video report. From interior design to tableware, and from appetizers to the dessert, I will accompany you whatever your work constraints.

References : Catering

References : Restaurants

Whatever your project, don't hesitate ton contact me for any further details :                      cell :  (+33)

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